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Privacy Policy

Read our privacy policy to have the detail of how we handle, collect, manage, and protect all confidential user information.


We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. In this privacy policy, we are going to describe what type of information we collect and how we use the collected information. It is also described that we share or not the information and if we share, with whom we share the information.

We may change or make any update in our privacy policy and you are advised to check and read privacy policy regularly. We may inform you when we will make any changes in the privacy policy.

This notice is provided to our customers or potential customers but not to our employees, associates, partners, or third party service providers.

By accessing this website, you make sure that you have read and understood all the terms of the privacy policy.

Collected information

To run our business effectively, we require certain formation including name, surname, gender, DOB, contact details, profession, location, IP address etc.

Moreover, we need to know about your wealth, assets, liabilities, Bank account details, credit card details, tax, trading, and financial statements.

Final we collect the details of your visits to our website.


Our website uses cookies that are small files that the browser store on your hard drive. These files are used to enhance your person experience by loading your personal preferences.

Information sharing

We are supposed to disclose your personal information to:

Our associate companies that provide financial and other services,

Third party apps providers, service providers, advisors, partners, brokers and affiliates, payment service providers, banks, regulative authorities, courts etc.

We would disclose the information to the third party whenever it is needed to apply our terms or services and other agreements.

We are committed to disclosing minimum personal data to the third party service providers and they are not allowed to use personal data for any purpose.

Third party privacy policies

Our website may have third party links and the content provided on these is not covered by this privacy policy. If you decide to use these links, you have to read their privacy policies before using the links.

How do we use your information?

We use the information provided by you for legal purposes like Performing contractual obligations and meeting legal and regulatory requirements. We use your information to run our business smoothly and to ensure you obtain satisfactory services from our end.

Protection of your information

We want to make it clear that we understand the importance of confidential information provided by you and apply all the necessary technical and other ideas to ensure a high level of security. We believe that our security system is enough to make your information protected from any unauthorized access or use.

How do we store the information?

We use fully secure computer storage and paper-based files for storing the data. We delete the personal details when we observe that the information is not required.